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Acupuncture is very useful for: 


Acupuncture is a 4000 year old traditional Chinese medical treatment that involves inserting small needles into the body to restore Yin and Yang balance.


Acupuncture points lie on meridians that correspond with Yin and Yang organs in the body. Certain techniques are then performed to either sedate or stimulate that acupuncture point. TDP Infrared heat lamps are also used to increase circulation.


Acupuncture is useful in treating and managing pain (acute or chronic). It can help harmonize female hormones in the body to assist with fertility. A variety of other health conditions such as digestive, neural, mental and musculoskeletal health issues can all be addressed with acupuncture.

As the level of insurance coverage varies from company to company, treatments may or may not be covered. Please check with your insurance provider prior to booking. 


Naturopathic Services

Gastro-intestinal health:

- Nausea & Vomitting

- Diarrhea & Constipation

- Hemorrhoids

- Acid Reflux / GERD

- Gas & Bloating

- Incontinence


Musculoskeletal Health & Pain:

- Arthritis

- Sciatica

- Post operative Pain

- Back Pain

- Nerve Pain

- Muscle Spasm

- Frozen Shoulder

- Runner's Hip & Knee

Headaches & Migraines


Immune System:

- Sore Throat

- Sinusitis

- Allergies

- Colds

- Flu


Women's Health:

- Fertility

- Labour Induction

- Post-Partum Health

- Hormone Imbalance


Skin Conditions & Anti-Aging:

- Facial Rejuvenation

- Acne & Fine Lines

- Dermatitis & Psoriasis


Mental & Emotional Health:

- Fatigue

- Irritability

- Anxiety

- Insomnia

- Depression

- Stress


Weight Loss:

- Reduce Cravings & Food Addiction

- Reduce Appetite

- Improve Digestion

- Reduce Water Retition

- Reduce Stress & Cortisol