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Acupuncture is a 4000 year old natural treatment that helps balance Qi (the universal life energy in the body). It can help reduce stress, increase energy, improve sleep, decrease pain, and even prepare the body for fertility.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

with Calgary Registered Acupuncturists



Initial Acupuncture/Cupping

Visit with Acupuncturist

60 mins.                            $155


Initial Naturopathic Visit with Naturopath 60 mins.        $220

Follow-up Acupuncture Visit with Naturopath or Acupuncturist 45 min.     $110


Follow-up Acupuncture Visit with Naturopath or Acupuncturist 60 min.     $145


Children's Needleless Acupuncture 30 min.         $80


Cupping 45 min.                $90


Cupping 30 min.                $70


Cupping 15 min.                $55

Acupuncture at our clinic is not just plain dry needling. We include an infrared heat lamp, electric TENS-stimulator and add on cupping for free! Other traditional Chinese techniques such as Gua Sha may be added on upon your request.


Gloves and sterile needling technique is a mandatory practice is our clinic. Your safety comes first at our clinic and we prize ourselves in cleanliness and professionalism.

As the level of insurance coverage varies from company to company, treatments may or may not be covered. Please check with your insurance provider prior to booking.