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Our team of experienced and qualified Naturopathic Doctors will fully assess your health and recommend, if appropriate, the right vitamin injection to help optimize your overall wellness. 

Vitamin injections allow for therapeutic doses of nutrients to be more readily available for your body to use. Vitamin injections can contain a combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.

Vitamin Injection FAQs


What is an initial visit like? How do I get started?

If you are new to our clinic and have not seen a Naturopathic Doctor before, you will need to book a 60-minute Initial Naturopatic Visit ($220). If you are a current Naturopathic patient at our clinic and would like to receive vitamin injection treatments, you can book a brief 30-minute Naturopathic Follow-up Visit ($90). During this time, our Naturopaths will perform a full assessment, review your health history, take your vitals, and, if appropriate, determine treatments which may include vitamin injections that are safe and suitable for your health needs. Please note that the cost of any vitamin injections and supplies will be an extra charge. 


What is a follow-up Vitamin Injection visit like?

All follow-up Vitamin Injection visits are 15 minutes in duration and vary in price depending on which vitamin injection (or combination of vitamin injection) is administered. Your overall health, energy level, stress level, and sleep health will be assessed. Vitals will be taken. The appropriate vitamin injection will be injected and future injections will be determined by your treating Naturopathic Doctor.


As the level of insurance coverage varies from company to company, treatments may or may not be covered. Please check with your insurance provider prior to booking.







Vitamin Injections



Initial Naturopathic Visit

60 minutes                 $220.00

(There is a mandatory Naturopathic assessment for all patients new to the clinic, vitamin injection extra charge and not included in assessment price)


Naturopathic Follow-up

30 minutes                   $90.00

(If you are an existing current Naturopathic patient at our clinic, you can schedule a brief 30-minute follow-up prior to receiving your injections)


All patients will first be assessed by a Naturopathic Doctor and, if appropriate, a Vitamin Injection will be provided. The prices below are for reference only.


B12 Injection                   $45

$40 visit fee, $5 supplies fee

Adrenal Injection            $50

$45 visit fee, $5 supplies fee

MIC-Lipotropic 1mL       $55

$50 visit fee, $5 supplies fee

MIC-Lipotropic 2mL       $95

$90 visit fee, $5 supplies fee

*Please note: supplies fees are not eligible for insurance coverage.